Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Government Contribution to IT

Hello everybody
Late 1980 there was not even a computer in india and nobody was aware with information technology, but as the "Rajiv Gandhi" came in government as the prime minister, he introduces the first computer in India and due to this step the communication system is completely changed in India.
now days as we know that computer is used everywhere and government is playing a great role in contributing IT in india. Government has made many rules, policies etc. government of india has provide an infrastructure to IT.
In education government provide many IT related course in the syllabus, that increases the thinking of Indians. government opens many institutes in India like IIT's, IIM's, IIIT, many engineering colleges etc.
Software Technology Park is a government agency which is for export oriented schemes. Government aslo trying to increase IT in rural areas. It has launched many product like e-mitra jan-mitra, lok-mitra etc. these products was introduced by state government to help citizens.
jan-mitra is an electronic platform by which citizen of Rajasthan can avail information about any government department.
e-mitra provide many services related to state government to all rural and urban area citizens electronically.
State Government also launched lok-mitra for the citizen of Jaipur which helps in submitting bills online, reduces time and money.
National Portal is provided by NIC which is used to access information that is provided by indian government.
Now we can say that Government continuously trying to improve IT infrastructure in india by reducing import-export fares by which IT products can be purchase and sale easily around the world.

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